Bing Wallpaper for Mac

Bing Wallpaper for Mac downloads the latest Bing wallpaper once daily and sets it as your desktop wallpaper.

How it works

The script checks to ensure there is internet connectivity, then checks to see if an image file already exists in the ~/Pictures/bing-wallpaper folder.

If there are files, it will check to see if the file was created today.

If the file was created today, it stops and doesn’t do anything, otherwise, it runs the script to download the wallpaper.

If there are no files, it runs the script to download the wallpaper.

The original script saved space by only keeping 1 image in the ~/Pictures/bing-wallpaper folder. I prefer to keep previous images and remove them manually so I modified the default behavior accordingly.

The program is written in python and is embedded in an Automator application.  This version has been tested on macOS Catalina 10.15.1 running python 2.7.16.

It is based upon bing-wallpaper-for-mac, an original work by Bobin Joseph.


To install, copy the app into your /Applications folder or into your ~/Applications folder according to preference.

To refresh the wallpaper automatically, you can run one of the scripts provided in the Scripts folder that will install a plist file into your LaunchAgents folder.


  1. Run the provided uninstall script to stop auto refreshing the wallpaper.
  2. Delete the app from your Applications folder.
  3. Optionally delete the ~/Pictures/bing-wallpaper folder and its contents.


Download or fork on Github


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