Arabic-Indic Numerals for Arabic WordPress

This plugin simply replaces Arabic numerals (a.k.a. Hindu-Arabic numerals or Indo-Arabic numerals) with Eastern Arabic numerals (a.k.a. Arabic–Indic numerals or Arabic Eastern numerals) in the date of posts or comments on WordPress. This is useful on sites using the Arabic version of WordPress, which translates month names but leaves the numbers unchanged.

For more details, please see the plugin page on If you would like to contribute any ideas or improvements, please feel free to fork the plugin on Github.

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This was originally based upon the answer to a question on Stack Overflow.


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thanks for the code, i m actully looking for solution for arabic numbers within the page, if i have text box or text area want to add number and show them arabic, it is always coming englishg, please any help

What I mean that I need to change every English number into Arabic one in each div and class in the theme. I am not sure how can I do so through the code. Appreciate your assistance.

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